Zertifizierung Certification Aerosol Spray Sprayprodukte

Quality and Certifications

Compliance with high quality standards and with all specifications and standards applicable to our sphere of work is important to us.
We have these checked regularly by external agencies through certifications and audits. Our company is certified to:

Declaration regarding the Quality Policy of

AEROSOL SERVICE GmbH Braunschweig is a service company for aerosol liquid product filling. With our quality, our expertise, our innovations and our promptness of delivery, we have been able to extend our circle of customers beyond Germany’s borders.

Our Quality Policy pursues the objective of rigorously fulfilling customer requests at prices in line with the market. One of our most important corporate goals is customer satisfaction through quality.

Quality means thinking and acting in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

The requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 form the basis for the quality assurance of AEROSOL SERVICE GMBH, with high standards and consistently uniform quality.

The Management Board requires itself, all managers and all employees to incorporate our quality objectives into our everyday work just as much as commercial aspects. Only through effective, high-quality work can sales be safeguarded, the market be expanded and the continued existence of the company be secured. Our aim for this year must be to at least reach the level of the year 2017.

To solve this task, a company-wide, logically interconnected quality assurance system in line with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 has been set up and maintained. Within this, each employee must make his or her contribution to fulfilling corporate policy, in particular in the quality sector.

An effective quality management system

  • increases our competitiveness
  • prevents errors
  • reduces liability risks
  • increases our operational efficiency
  • creates the basis for effective optimisation of our workflows
  • helps us to keep improving our quality standards

Prevention is better than cure!

The aims of product safety, product conformity and authenticity are fulfilled through the proper use and constant maintenance of our HACCP strategy and the IFS standard.

The acceptance of ethical principles ensures that, when appointing and employing staff, race, skin colour, religious affiliation, gender, age, physical condition, nationality or sexual orientation do not lead to discrimination.

Within the context of the production activities of the company Aerosol Service GmbH we use energy and raw materials which must be used sensibly owing to their limited availability.

We value environmentally sustainable production and operational environmental protection very highly.

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