Pflanzenschutz Tierpflege Plant Protection Animal Care Aerosol Spray Sprayprodukte

Plant protection and animal care

  • Pesticide sprays

for combating flying and crawling insects in the house, garden or in agriculture

on the basis of pyrethrins, pyrethroids, organic phosphates and carbamates or mixtures thereof

pesticide-free agents

special products for treatment of large areas and outdoors

insect infestation indication spray

for combating sucking and non-sucking insects, species of fungi

  • Plant protection sprays

Leaf shine spray for sclerophyllous plants

Elimination of mosses, lichen, algae

  • Animal care sprays

    Insecticide agent against parasites – for controlling and preventing infestations

    Repellent for stinging and biting insects

    Disinfectant and deodorant agent for the hygiene of warehouses, cages, cages, kennels, toilets

    Repellent to prevent soiling by dogs and cats

    Repellent against male dogs in case of heat

    Protective agent against gnawing by dogs, cats, horses

    Dog shampoo (also liquid)

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