Haushalt Kosmetik Household Cosmetics Aerosol Spray Aprayprodukte

Household and cosmetics

  • Glass cleaner

Mirrors, TVs, screens, cupboards, doors, tables, glass cabinets, lamps, vending machines

  • Plastic cleaner

PC, monitor, printer, scanner, telephone, fax, typewriters, lamps, furniture

  • Stainless steel cleaner

Sinks, cookers, kitchen units, vending machines

  • Lubricant

Curtain rails, drawers, roller shutters, sliding doors

  • Greases

Doors, windows, garden machinery and equipment

  • Foam cleanser

WC, bathtubs, washbasins, bidets, tiles, bathroom units, carpets, upholstery, grills, ovens, cookers, glass and mirrors, optical glasses

  • Release agent for baking tins

Baking trays, moulds, pans

  • Hobby supplies

Paints + coatings, lubricants, fuel gases, preservatives, adhesives, cleaners, skin protection products

  • Gold or silver spray (suitable for polystyrene)

Metal gloss spray for indoors and outdoors, highly opaque and smudge-proof

  • Disinfecting agent and cleaner

Bathroom, kitchen, child care, animal housing and indoor air, clothes and shoes

  • Furniture care

Cleaning and care

  • Ironing agent

Starch and lubricant for ironing

  • Impregnating agent

for clothes, shoes, leather, tents

  • Specialist cleaner sprays

for removing chewing gum and adhesives, textile stains, hand sanitisers (without water), records and recording head cleaners

  • Hairspray

for fixing hairstyles with different degrees of stiffness, for decorative design using colours, glitter, UV-luminescent materials (disco)

  • Deodorant sprays

for body freshness and individual fragrance

  • Mousse

for fixing hairstyles and conditioning

  • Shaving foam

for wet-shaving of facial and other body hair

  • Shower foam sprays

for pleasant, practical showering with ready-to-use foam

  • Hand cleaner spray

without water – for rapid dirt removal for salespeople, customer services, spare parts issue, customers

  • Room sprays

to cover odours and create a scent

  • Leaf shine sprays

to care for and improve the appearance of sclerophyllous plants

  • Plant protection sprays

for combating pests on house and garden plants

  • Insect sprays

for combating flying and crawling pests in the home and cellar

  • Leather care spray

for impregnating and maintaining leather shoes and clothing

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