Pflanzenschutz Tierpflege Plant Protection Animal Care Aerosol Spray Sprayprodukte

Plant protection and animal care

  • Pesticide sprays

against flying and crawling insects in the house, garden, agriculture
based on pyrethrins, pyrethoids, organ. Phosphates and carbamates or mixtures thereof
pesticide-free agentsspecial products for large-scale treatment and in the fieldInsect infestation of indications-Spray
against sucking and non-sucking insects, fungus species

  • Plant protection 

Leaf shine spray for foliage leaves
Elimination of mosses, lichens, algae

  • Animal Care Sprays

    Insecticides against parasites - for the control and prevention of infestations
    Repellent for stinging insects
    Disinfecting and odor-controlling agents for the hygiene of warehouses, cages, kennels, toilets
    Repellent against contamination by dogs and cats
    Repellent for males in heat
    Protective products against nibbling of dogs, cats, horses
    Dog shampoo (also liquid)

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