Handwerk Craft Industrie Hobby Aerosol Spray Sprayprodukte

Craft, Industry & Hobby

  • Plastic Cleaner

PC, Monitor, Printer, Scanner, Phone, Fax, Typewriters, Lamps, Furniture

  • Stainless Steel Cleaner

sinks, stoves, kitchen furniture, vending machines

  • Lubricant

Doors, windows, garden machinery and equipment

  • Bicycle Polish

conservation of bicycles, tricycles, scooters, pedal cars

  • Garden Tool Care

Lawn mowers, scarifiers, trimmers, garden shears, spades, hooks, rakes - protects against adherence and rust

  • Hobby Supplies

paints + varnishes, lubricants, fuel gases, preservatives, adhesives, cleaners, skin protection agents

  • Gold or silver Spray (suitable for Polystyrene)

Metal gloss spray for indoor and outdoor use, highly opaque and smudge-proof

  • Impregnating Agent

for clothing, shoes, leather, tents

  • Lubricant Sprays

for gear drives, wire rope hoists, chains, rods, locks, locks, hinges, bolts, trailer couplings, brake systems, pedals, bearings, machines and aggregates, lifting devices, etc.

  • Sweat protection Sprays

prevent weld spatter and weld spatter from adhering to workpieces and torch nozzles

  • Welding Copper Sprays

facilitates spot welding of car body parts and protects welding spots against corrosion

  • Cutting Oil

for thread cutting, drilling and milling during repair work

  • Rust Remover

for the dismantling of rusted or corroded screw connections, sliding and turned parts, bearings and other moving parts

  • Hand Cleaner Spray

without water - for quick removal of dirt for sales staff, customer service, spare parts issue, customers

  • Skin Protection Products

for skin highly stressed by cleaning agents, fuel, oil and grease

  • Lubricant Sprays

for metals, plastics, wood, ceramics, glass as liquid, pasty and dry film agents

Lubricant Sprays (partly biodegradable)

- based on synthetic base oils and additives,

- also as greases, also with solid lubricants

- based on mineral oil base oil and additives,

- also as greases, also with solid lubricants

- based on native oils and additives for ecological applications in temperature range from -80 to + 450

  • Anti-seize medium sprays

for high temperature range up to 1200oC with metallic and non-metallic solid lubricants for pressures up to 1200 kp/cm2

  • Anti-adhesive and release agent

for demoulding processes, coatings, welding protection

  • Metalworking oils

for all metals and alloys up to titanium

  • Coating agent

with a high metal content of aluminium, zinc, copper, stainless steel or combinations of these metals

  • Welding aids

for electric, oxyfuel, spot and inert gas welding

  • Corrosion inhibitor

as oils, greases, waxes, lacquers for many applications

  • Multi-function means

for rust removal, lubrication, water displacement, corrosion protection, frost protection

  • Drive belt means

for leather and V-belts, for care and grip

  • Leak tester

for tanks, pipes, fittings, devices, apparatus, hoses and other pressure-retaining systems

  • Lacquers and paints

for repair, protection and preservation

  • Detergents

for metals, plastics, glass, ceramics

  • Degreaser + remover

for dirt, oils, greases, waxes, adhesives, sealing compounds

  • Specialty products

for electrical engineering, electronics, precision mechanics, sports, construction, assembly, printing, food processing, aviation, marine technology, packaging and others.

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