kfz car aerosol spray

Car care and maintenance

  • Grease sprays

for gear drives, lateral links, chains, linkages, locks, locks, hinges, bolts, trailer hitches, brake systems, pedals, bearings, machines and assemblies, lifting devices, etc.

  • Lubricant spray

    for seat rails, sunroofs, seat belts, as liquid, pasty and dry film media
  • Screw Compound sprays

    for silencer and catalyst systems and other high-temperature or corrosion-stressed screw connections, brake pads
  • Welding Protection Sprays

    Prevents adhesion of welding spatters and welding beads to workpieces and burner nozzles
  • Welding Copper Spray

    facilitates spot welding of body parts and protects welding points against corrosion
  • Cutting Oil

    for thread cutting, drilling and milling during repair work
  • Corrosion inhibitors

    for spare parts, body parts, underbody and cavity protection
  • Multi-function agent

    for rust removal, lubrication, water displacement, corrosion protection, frost protection
  • Rust remover + rust blocker

    for disassembling rusted or corroded fittings, sliding and rotating parts, bearings and other moving parts, to prevent rusting
  • Sling Spray

    against slipping (squeaking) of drive belts
  • Battery-protection spray

    prevents acid attack and contact problems due to corrosion
  • Leak tester

    for compressed air brake systems, other pneumatic systems and gas fuel systems
  • Special Cleaner

    for metal or plastic parts, paintwork, windows and mirrors, upholstery, rims
  • Degreaser + Remover

    for dirt, oils, greases, waxes, tar, adhesives, sealants, brake dust
  • Car anti-static spray

    for cleaning, color refreshing and reducing the pollution of black plastic parts outdoors
  • Hand cleaner spray

    without water - for quick dirt removal for sales people, customer service, spare parts issue, customers
  • Skin protectant

    for the skin, which is highly stressed by detergents, fuel, oil and grease
  • Anti-fogging agent

    for windows, mirrors, glasses, helmet visor
  • Silicone Spray

    universally applicable as a release, lubricant and lubricant, as a care and shine agent in the automotive and equipment sector, protects locks, hinges, rubber, etc. before freezing and sticking
  • Door lock Snow removal

    thaws frozen lock cylinder on
  • De-icer spray

    for car windows and loosen frozen doors
  • Contact Spray

    for the prevention and correction of ignition faults caused by moisture
  • Starting Spray

    facilitates starting in cold and high humidity
  • Engine cleaner spray

    Removes disturbing dirt from engine and ignition system
  • Motor protective lacquer spray

    protects engine, gearbox, etc. against corrosion and dirt
  • Underbody protection spray

    works against rust and depreciation due to corrosion
  • Cavity preservatives Spray

    for re-preserving repaired parts
  • Upholstery cleaning spray

    the clean solution for fabric and plastic upholstery
  • Cockpit cleaner (also with silicone oil)

    effortlessly cleans the cockpit, steering wheel, gearshift lever, etc.
  • Air fresh spray

    cleans and disinfects car air conditioners, kills bacteria, protects against infections, mold and fungus formation is prevented

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