aerosol service GmbH Spraydosen Aerosole Sprayprodukte Abfüllung aus Braunschweig

Our products and services

We manufacture aerosols, sprays and spray products according to the requirements of our customers.
Our core competence relates to:


Our house has 4 Pamasol filling lines with an output of up to 4,000 pieces per hour with capacities of 30ml - 750ml for can sizes from 35mmØ to 66mmØ.

Liquid products

In the field of liquid products we fill bottles and canisters up to 5 liters.


As propellants we use butane, propane, isobutane, dimethyl ether (DME), N2O, CO2, nitrogen and compressed air.


Bie provide service in the fields of product application, legislation and registration (abroad).

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