One of the oldest companies in Germany for development and custom filling of all sorts of spray productsfounded in July 1954 Member of the German Industrial Association of Aerosols (IGA) since 1958 Filling output : approx. 18mill cans p.a. Among our customers are leading companies of various branches and also many enterprises of special products at home and abroad.
  3 Pamasol filling lines with a production
capacity of up to 4000 units / hour
Filling volumes : 30 ml to 750 ml
Size of cans : 35 mm dia to 66 mm dia
  Liquid products  
  Bottles/cans up to 5 litres  
  butane, propane, isobutane, DME,
N2O, CO2, nitrogen or compressed air
  Product use
Registration (Foreign Countries)
  Certification acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001